Suicide Do’s & Dont’s

Always take suicidal comments seriously:

  • Try not to act shocked.
  • Get help immediately. Call 911.
  • Do not handle the situation by yourself.
  • Listen attentively to everything that the person has to say.
  • Comfort the person with words of encouragement.
  • Let the person know that you are deeply concerned.
  • If the person is at a high risk of suicide, do not leave him or her alone.
  • If the person talks about using a firearm that he or she owns for suicide, call the police so they may remove the firearm(s).
  • Don’t be judgmental.
  • Be careful of the statements that you make.
  • Listen. Be gentle, kind, and understanding.
  • Let the person express emotion in the way that he or she wants.
  • After the person has received help and is no longer critically suicidal, help the person make an appointment with a medical doctor and a therapist.
  • Before you leave the person, make sure that he or she has received professional help from qualified mental health professionals or 911 responders.
  • When in doubt about what to do, call 911 immediately. Be safe.
  • If someone tells you that you need to keep his or her suicidal intentions a secret, then you never can keep that “secret.”
  • Follow up with the person on a regular basis to make sure that he or she is doing okay.